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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the National HBPA?
The National HBPA is a non-profit corporation which works to improve the economic health and public acceptance of the Thoroughbred horse industry in the United States and Canada. The HBPA seeks to improve business conditions for Thoroughbred horsemen and their employees, advance the industry in general, promote cooperation among horsemen of all breeds, and represent the interests of Thoroughbred horsemen before state and federal governments, industry organizations, and trade associations.
2. Who can serve on the National HBPA board?
The Board shall consist of Members duly elected and/or who serve as the President of an Affiliate plus the duly elected National Association Officers.
3. Who serves on the Executive Committee?
Two (2) voting Members of the National Board shall be elected at the summer meeting by the Board to serve as Members of the Executive Committee for a term of one (1) year. The Chairman of the Board, President and the Vice President shall also serve on the Executive Committee. The first five (5) largest contributing Affiliates that accept the position will also be on the Executive Committee. Provided the five (5) largest contributing Affiliates at the National Board meeting accept the position on the Executive Committee, except where one (1) of the five (5) largest withdraws from the Executive Committee and in that event the vacancy shall automatically be filled by the President of the Affiliate of the sixth (6th) largest dues paying Affiliate.
4. Who can become a member of the National HBPA?
An owner-trainer or trainer who or which is a Member of an Affiliate is eligible and entitled to Membership in the National Association, and a partnership, corporation, or their association which is a Member of an Affiliate is eligible and entitled to Membership in the National Association.

An Affiliate is not entitled to vote on any matter coming before the National Association except through its President or its other duly authorized representative.
5. How can I contact the National HBPA?
Phone: 859.259.0451 or Toll Free at 866.245.1711
Fax: 859.259.0452

The National HBPA, Inc.
870 Corporate Drive, Suite 300
Lexington, KY 40503-5419
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